Koh Mak’s Beaches

Koh Mak BeachesKoh Mak’s beaches are never busy.  The island has two main beaches which most tourists will discover for themselves.  However, take the time to explore and you will find some very nice stretches of sand that rarely see visitors.

Ao Suan Yai. A long curving swathe of sand on the northwest shore of the island.  Koh Mak Resort occupies half the beach and the remaining, norther half is home to the small, simple, Suchanaree Resort and an 90 year old wooden house belonging to one of the families that founded the island.

Ao Pra. Cococape Resort and a headland with dark volcanic rocks separates the eastern end of Ao Suan Yai with the white sand of Ao Pra beach.  This very shallow bay has one small restaurant by the shore but other than that is deserted.

Ao Tao Khai. A small beach that can be accessed on foot by walking to the northern most point of Ao Suan Yai and then cutting through the coconut trees or by mountain bike or scooter by following dirt tracks through rubber plantations and coconut fields.  Only small and it used to be a nesting site for sea turtles.  Great views from here.

Ao Tan & Ao Talong. These beaches lie on the northeastern shore of Koh Mak.  Tracks run parallel to the beach and take you through small hamlets inhabited by fishermen and rubber farmers. The sand here is darker and less attractive and the shoreline has more mangroves, meaning most of the development on the island has bypassed this area.  But there are a couple of resorts here – Green View Resort with simple huts and Cinnamon Art Resort with luxury accommodation.

Ao Kra Tueng. The beach on the south west shore of the island runs from Baan Ing Kao in the west to Lazy Day Resort in the east.  The stretch from Baan Ing Kao to Makathanee Resort is known locally as Ao Kra Teung.  There are several resorts on this stretch including Big Easy Resort, Koh Mak Holiday Beach ResortSky Beach Resort and Kham Nature Resort.

Ao Kao. This is the busiest area of beachfront, comparatively speaking – as Koh Mak never appears overrun with visitors. Along with the beach resorts you’ll also find small restaurants and shops on the main road running parallel to the beach.  Resorts here include Makathanee Resort, Baan Koh Mak, Koh Mak Cottage, Monkey Island, Palm Beach, Ao Kao Resort and Lazy Day Resort.