Monkey Island Resort

Monkey Island

Monkey Island Resort has expanded over the years and now has around 50 bungalows.  These range from 500 Baht / night Fan huts to 3,000 Baht/night AC Family rooms. It’s a nicely designed resort, with a ‘monkey / baboon / chimp theme running through the entire resort.  You’ll see murals of rasta monkeys on walls and the resort is known for it’s late night music bar.  This is the main spot on the island for anyone wanting to stay up after 9pm.

Monkey Island Resort is the type of place people either love or hate, it you want  a cheap bungalow, good beach, handy location then it ticks all the boxes.  It even has  a small pool, although this is more for cooling off in than for swimming.  But, if you want attentive staff and more peace & quiet then nit might not be for you. 


This resort can’t be booked via or  The resort website is below: