Banana Sunset

Banana Sunset Bungalows Koh Mak

Banana Sunset has just ten fan bungalows all with ensuite bathroom, hot water & a private terrace.  It is located near the south of the island and has great views west towards Koh Rang.  It’s one of the best locations on the island for watching the sun go down and the seafront terrace is often packed late afternoon early evening.  Not just for the views but also for the cocktails as the owner, PK, makes some of the best of the island.  

There are to categories of bungalows. The Garden View Bungalows: The simplicity of a tropical garden, relaxing in a hammock on your private terrace.  The Sea View Bungalows: These are newer units, with a private terrace that are right by the ocean. 

The bungalows are built onto a rocky coastline on the south of Ko Maak, hence the owners have have built a wooden landing stage to be able to swim and sunbathe easily.  The nearest sand beach is just a short motorbike ride away.

Where did the name come from? ( according to the resort owner )

Once upon a time in a small island far far away invaded by monkeys, a greedy princess was dangerously addicted to bananas. According to the legend, she was eating more than 2,400 bananas a day…Meanwhile, all the monkeys seriously started starving…

They captured the princess and invoked the King-Kong-Wizard to get rid of her «yellowfruitholic» appetite.

As a punishment, she was transformed into a banana mermaid until the time she finds the most beautiful, amazing, astonishing, speechless, gorgeous and romantic sunset in the world.

She found it, guess what she called that place?

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Banana Sunset, Koh Mak. Well run small resort with just 10 simple bungalows and great sunset views. Plus the best cocktails on the island.
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