Koh Mak Map

Koh Mak map

Once you have spent a few days on Koh Mak you will have probably seen virtually all the resorts, restaurants and shops on the island.  Navigating from place to place is relatively simple and it is very hard to get lost.  If you take a wrong turn you’ll find out soon enough.  But to help you figure out where everything is there are some maps of Koh Mak on this page.

There is now a good Koh Mak map of the island available for free from many hotels and businesses.  This is produced by a company that makes travel guides for Koh Chang. The 2017 version is below.  ( It may take a while to load ) Download the PDF here.

Koh Mak Map

The map below shows the layout of the island and the roads, although some are more dirt track than paved road.  Click for a much larger image with the resorts named.  Photocopied maps like this are available from tour agents, restaurants and all resorts on the island.  

This next map of Koh Mak may of more use when you are sitting in front of your computer and planning your trip.  Use the controls to zoom in to see details of specific resorts, restaurants and locations.  Click on the link for additional information about each place.  No streetview for Koh Mak yet unfortunately.

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Koh Mak Map. Print, PDF and Googlemap of Koh Mak. Find out where your resort is and locations of local shops and restaurants.
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